mb_wen 4:39pm, 31 January 2009
Yes, as we were sitting at the Green Mill somehow Gremlins, trolls, demons, etc decided to have a party in my Hard Drive on my main computer at home. (Yes, the one that was storing all my pictures) Less than 12 hours later as I tried to turn it on, she didn't want to fire up at all. I'm currently in the process of trying to rescue everything to the best of my knowledge (which admittedly isn't as great as a few here) before completely throwing in the towel and having to reformat. Yes, there's a 'rescue' partition but all it wants to do is rescue everything and reload Windows by starting from scratch. For all NEWBS... Reformat is a nasty word for 'deletion of everything on the disk'.

The bright side is, that I did do a full backup of everything that was more current about 3-4 weeks ago, but still... there's that little bit of overlap that has been missed. Anything 'great'? Well, perhaps what I was going to hang in the show, but maybe not. We'll have to see if I can get it back.

So... take heed my fellow DPG-ers BACKUP YOUR STUFF!!!! Take this wonderful weekend and get it squared away! The first warning was unfortunately at Drew's expense, this second is at my own... who knows, the third could be your own! BBbwwwwaaahahahahahahah... wait, that's not funny. Anyway, you see what I mean.

Allow space for Kip and Jason's ...'You have to backup slides and film?' comments that will inevitably come.
K. Praslowicz 9 years ago
Allow space for Kip and Jason's ...'You have to backup slides and film?' comments that will inevitably come.

Mwa ha ha ha ha ha. Actually, digital acrhiving is something I hate doing so much, that it is a major factor keeping me from going digital.

I do offer this tip though, when in the process off making these backups. grab 100 or so miscelaneous images from you collection and send them somewhere to get 4x6's printed. I believe having a set of technology independant images as back-ups is good for the photographer's soul.
noxious kettle [deleted] 9 years ago
having an hd crash, or just having a corrupt disk sucks pretty hard. my hd crashed in septemeber, and i lost tons of music i had to scour online for (so strenuous, i know). i periodically backup all my photos on my external, although even thats not full proof. having negatives rules as a backup, but i hate scanning and i'm unsure if i'd even have the gusto to redo all the rolls i did before. digital photos aren't that bad, but yeah, archiving them sucks. the idea of no 'tangible' backup also sucks.
Darin... PRO 9 years ago
i had a hd crash as well (i tend to break laptops on nearly the same schedule as i break cameras). i had an external backup hd, but had some new shots that weren't backed up, so i did some research and discovered the freezer technique.

i took the hd out of my computer and put it in the freezer in a sealed bag for 20 minute periods, and it worked for about a half hour each time. kind of crazy sounding, but i guess it's a commonly used method if overheating is the problem.
brandonransom 9 years ago
I actually lost had a bad system disk back in June, and almost lost everything. Thanks to automatic backups (Apple Time Machine, woohoo!), though, I didn't lose a single thing. I do like Kip's idea of getting prints made periodically, and storing them offsite might not be a bad idea either.
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