DIY - L Bracket

I made one of these today using both of my Quick Release plates from my Bogen 488RC4 tripod head.
It works great and is very sturdy.

FYI, I ordered the L plate on Thursday and had it Friday.

If anyone wants to do this, I ordered a spare. It can be yours, if....the price is right.

In case anyone is wondering why the hell you would want to do this :
It allows for the camera to be more maneuverable in the Vertical position and keeps the weight in the center of the tripod.
It works much better than hanging the camera off the side and creating an uneven weight balance.
N. Lindstrom Photo 9 years ago
Thats awesome, I was just looking at L brackets! I want to check yours out before I dive in, if thats cool...
That is definitely cool
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