HBRstudios 1:24pm, 15 January 2009
It's always good to get free promotion in the form of a newspaper article. For those who don't know or have not seen it, there is a nice article in the "Wave" section of the News Tribune this morning.

I was able to use this link from a Google alert this morning, but when I went back I had to sign-up. Try it and see if it works for you:

DPG article
Mrs HBR 10 years ago
Congrats to moeview and hbrstudios for photo/quotes and to everyone mentioned!
N. Lindstrom Photo 10 years ago
"r And of course, the Aerial Lift Bridge"

Great, now everyone and their brother is going to be doing a LB365. That wont be gook for our movie.......

Seriously though, that's pretty cool.
enchanted afternoon [deleted] 10 years ago
Nice article. - "r A model in a brown bridesmaid dress from the Duluth Bridal Show." I think he was referring to my pic where I ask if anyone knows this girl. Funny.
I wondered if it was coming out today. Very cool stuff.
HBRstudios 10 years ago
Shawns facebook link seems to work fine:
I believe with the DNT, you can get in once, but not twice without signing up.
HBRstudios 10 years ago
But with your link, it seems you can get back to it without signing up -- thanx for doing that.
I can't access it by clicking the FaceBook link or the link you provided anymore.
fallfaceforward 10 years ago
it's free to log into the DNT.

Woot! For DPG being in the paper!!!!
HBRstudios 10 years ago
Huh, I am still able to click the link above from your facebook, Shawn, and get there just fine. Weird.
duluthiscool Posted 10 years ago. Edited by duluthiscool (admin) 10 years ago
Here is a screen grab of the top portion of the article, with Moe's image... it links to my stream, where you can get a larger view of it...

Duluth group helps local...

Also, you can pull down a PDF of the text here... note that this is for educational use only...

Also note that as a limitation of creating the PDF, there is a blank page on the front end... and Moe's image is missing... but you can read the text...
J.Rabold PRO 10 years ago
I read it. Nice Ink!!
normal bit [deleted] Posted 10 years ago. Edited by normal bit (member) 10 years ago
I agree great aritcal!

Maybe moeview / hbr could look into talking with the man around town that donates his money only to the arts and open up a learning center/gallery/meeting spot for all interested northland photographers.

I think it is a great idea and worth looking into.
I was a member of Art Works in the start up stages.

The link below has more info about what Art Works is.
JustinSinks 10 years ago
Pretty sweet write up!
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