Drew C 7:06pm, 13 January 2009
my parents spoke with our home-owners insurance rep today and it sounds like my laptop is covered. deductible will only be $250 (which I dont have :/) but that's certainly a lot easier to swallow than $2500.

yay... stay tuned. i dont expect it to be THIS easy...
K. Praslowicz 10 years ago
When my computer literally got exploded during the big ice storm of 2000, or 2001, it was THAT easy.

Sent letter to insurance, received check, bought new computer.
Anna Merritt 10 years ago
Cool Drew! That is just cool...and whenever I have had to use the insurance, it was THAT easy...good luck!
N. Lindstrom Photo 10 years ago
Wasn't that easy when I got in that accident, or my Jeep was stolen........but thats car insurance I guess......
mb_wen 10 years ago
Does the insurance cover the $$ that you would have made from selling your stuff to clients? I don't remember if you said you backed that stuff up or not...
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