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Strobist meeting Saturday Jan 10th @ 4pm

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When: Jan 10, 2009
Time: 4PM Begin
Where: Beaner's Central - Upstairs


I have been recently inspired by a few things to experiment more with lighting, specifically multiple lighting of 5 or 6 lights with modifiers.

This would be studio setting where I could bring the backdrops and much of the lighting gear, but some extra speedlights with umbrellas and boxes would be useful.

I can bring 3 monolight strobes with stands, 2 30x40 softboxes, 2 umbrellas, reflectors (panel and round), grid spots, barn doors.

Plus 2 SB-800s and one quantum Qflash.

I would like to see this session about really focusing on using multiple lighting effectively and not so much on model posing or technical stuff (though we do have to get it all in sync.)

When? Where? Would upstairs of Beaners work for this? It seems to have close to the space we would need. Other options?
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