I originally modded these to eliminate the weak hot shoe stand and to shorten them, which worked great.
The original mount was not sturdy enough to support a strobe on an umbrella stand. The strobe would end up falling forward. I came up with a good, working solution.
I took the umbrella stand "hot Shoe" mount off of my Cactus Receivers and used epoxy to adhere them on the receiver bodies.
Recently I have been using PC cables to attach them to my flashes which works great too. these have been pretty reliable and seem to rarely mis-fire, in fact I cannot recall having them misfire.

I just ordered an Alienbees Cybersync transmitter and 2 receivers, so I no longer need this setup.

Gadget Infinty Cactus Mount Fix

Gadget Infinty Cactus Mount Fix

Transmitter not shown, but is included.

New, this would cost $52 + Shipping without the PC cables

How does $30 for the set with 3 - 12'' PC cables sound?
mb_wen 9 years ago
JustinSinks 9 years ago
Ill give you a box of $h@t for them. Id say thats about an even trade ;)
ha, jk. Im hanging on to mine still, waiting to upgrade
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