fallfaceforward 8:31pm, 12 December 2008
i was wondering if any of you gamers could recommend an online video game rental service (you know like Netflicks but for games) that carries computer games.
peteSwede PRO 10 years ago
gamefly is the only one i've ever heard anyone using.


good gift.
fallfaceforward 10 years ago
as far as i can tell, gamefly doesn't carry computer games.
I doubt there are any that do, you have to install the games 99% of the time and install a license key.
fallfaceforward 10 years ago
oh yeah, i suppose that's true....... man! i'm never going to figure out what to give him for Christmas! grrrr....
fallfaceforward 10 years ago
thanks shawn, but he wouldn't really care about trying new beers.
whitejade85 10 years ago
you can give me beer of the month club ;)
maxcaven 10 years ago
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