edgeways 11:48am, 6 December 2008
This summer I will co-curate a show with ONE yet-to-be-determined partner. It could be you!

Place: Starfire's screen printing (subject to approval from Sir Starfire)

Time: The month of either June/July/August depending on availability and schedules.

The theme: On/Off . One photographer will cover one, the other will cover the other, interpretation is open within that theme.

Interested? The fine print:

1. Expect to need about 10 photos framed and ready to hang, more/less depending on size.
2. If selected for the show you will also be expected to share 50:50 costs of promotion material (advertising/postering/etc), refreshments, and entertainment. The specific details of which will be negotiated once you are selected.
3. No backing out, this is a commitment, make sure you want ot do it prior to applying.

4. If that does not scare you away: Send a note of intent name and contact info (if I don't have it already). Once I receive that I will ask for rough ideas and examples (email jpgs) with a month deadline for final application.

Where to contact me? edgeways -at- gMaiL -dot_ coM_

(questions are best sent to me via email nowadays)

If I do not get many takers I will open it up to the broader community outside of dpg/Flickr

the last time we had a show at Starfire's we had a few hundred people come through, and that was in Winter.
I would be interested but worry that I could not afford to frame 10 photos.
Karl W. 10 years ago
That is also a concern that I had too.
Hambone Lewinski 10 years ago
No money.

I am interested in all of the upcoming shows, especially this one, but yeah, I don't have the funds for doing shows right now and likely won't for awhile.
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