fallfaceforward 8:39pm, 23 November 2008
What: The DPG Holiday Party
When: Saturday, January 17th
Where: Natalie's house: 2832 W 6th St Duluth, MN
Time: 7pm- really, really late.

Okay we are going to do food in a potluck style theme.
If your last name starts with A-L: please bring something salty
If your last name starts with M-Z: please bring something sweet

Please be a little creative with what food you bring. I don't want us to end up with 10 bags of Dorritos. : )

Beverages with be BYOB- I will provide ice, cups, plates, silverware, napkins, etc.

Disclaimer: I. Have. Cats. I will clean my house prior to the party and my cats will be shut in the basement while everyone is over, but I know for those of you who have allergies, it might still be a problem.

So who's coming! : )
whitejade85 10 years ago
What? you don't want 10 bags or doritios??
I will bring a salt lick
Karl W. 10 years ago
I could make cookies!!!

JustinSinks 10 years ago
Natalie says yes Karl, make cookies. "You make the best cookies EVER!"-Natalie
Captain Campion 10 years ago
You know "J" is for Jell-o .... oh wait i need to bring something slaty .... ummmm Jell-o like in Christmas vacation with the little crunchy bits o' kitty chow .... LOL ... seriously though i will be good and think of something .... does anyone have any food allergies? i could do pickle rolls or tortilla rolls .... let me think on it for a while ...
brandonransom 10 years ago
I'll be there with some homemade sweet goodliness.
Captain Campion 10 years ago
seriously though besides the whole pet/cat allergy does anyone have a food allergy? just in case i make something like shrimp dip, etc .... i don't want to have to visit my workplace on a day off when there should be merry-making and alcohol consumption ... lol
tina_p0608 10 years ago
Celeste that sounds like a good idea!

But Celeste you could start taking an allergy med daily now and then it wont be so bad when you get over there.

On another note, Im not sure what to bring.
fallfaceforward 9 years ago
bump- okay seriously, who's coming? if it's only going to be like 3 people then i'm canceling.
HBRstudios 9 years ago
Me for sure, maybe both of us.
Captain Campion 9 years ago
i will be there
JustinSinks 9 years ago
Well of course Ill be there! Will your hubby be there too? Now that is a party!
fallfaceforward 9 years ago
Mel, Justin- i know you'll be there!!! you've already written on this board like a zillion times Mel!!!!! This is for everyone who hasn't responded.
Amanda~Christine 9 years ago
I'm still trying to trade to get the day off of work...or else I can't drink (which kinda defeats the purpose) and I'd have to leave at 9:30. So I'm trying!
fallfaceforward 9 years ago
okay, who else? i want to see more names on this list.
fallfaceforward 9 years ago
do too a lack of interest i'm canceling hosting this event at my house. i've just got way too much going on and if only 6 people plan to come, it's just not worth the stress for me.

brandonransom 9 years ago
Hey, now I don't have to share my cookies. Sweet!
Noreeyay 9 years ago
Ah, you never bring me cookies!=(

If everyone still wanted to have the party we could have it at my place. If you guys are interested, let me know. I'm on the north shore on Ryan rd.
HBRstudios 9 years ago
Hey, I'd be game, Noreeyay.
duluthiscool 9 years ago
i am game for whenever... so long as whenever is not the same time as i have my kids... such as weekend of jan 17 and every other there after... i have too little time with them, and am rather selfish about that little time.
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