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Goals. 2009 Edition.

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K. Praslowicz is a group administrator K. Praslowicz says:

Figured I'd start a thread for us to share our serious photographic goals for the year. Little log book that We can use to check back in a year and see how well we did. Winners get cookies.

Last year I set myself a goal of shooting 100 or more rolls of 35mm film. Currently roll number 97 is sitting in my camera, and with two holidays to go, this goal is pretty much in the bag.

This upcoming year, I want to shoot higher then just an arbitrary number of photos taken. My goal for 2009 is to now at some point to take a package to the post office, addressed to Lenswork Magazine. Inside it a large enough series of related images that I feel is good enough, that I can send it to them without feeling like I'm wasting their time when they review for publication.

Actually getting it accepted and published is beyond the scope of the goal. I just feel that I need to for once in my photo life, commit to a concept and and create something coherent that is more then just the best five images out of the twelve I shot.

I give myself 10:1 odds on this one.
4:32PM, 17 November 2008 PDT (permalink)

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Akatzmarkphotography is a group moderator Akatzmarkphotography says:

Oh gee I have no idea...

For right now, book 2 weddings...
117 months ago (permalink)

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maxcaven is a group moderator maxcaven says:

I'm working on a photo book, it's themed. Part of if it will be '08 but bulk of the images will be in 2009.
117 months ago (permalink)

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Shawn Thompson - Lake Superior Photographer is a group administrator Shawn Thompson - Lake Superior Photographer says:

1. Get All of my images into Lightroom (a.k.a Start a D.A.M system)
2. Fix the Image Sharpness issues with my Website Gallery
3. Change the Gallery Layout
4. Add Images from Labor Day weekend 'till now to the Gallery
5. Get a Print Portfolio together
9. Get some Models lined up for Portraits, Lighting and Posing practice
10. Work on Product photography
11. Get my contact info and samples out to AD agencies and businesses
12. Create, Build and grow a Stock Collection
13. Create a permanent Blog

Huge List?
Yes, but it is all necessary and I have needed to get it together for a long time now in order to start getting sh!t accomplished.

Stay Tuned....
117 months ago (permalink)

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Hambone Lewinski is a group administrator Hambone Lewinski says:

Apparently Kip and I are on the same page.

I believe that Kip has achieved a level of technical skill that allows him to create publishable photos, but I'm not quite there yet... so I don't know that I plan on mailing anything to LensWork just yet. But I think we are thinking about the same problem.

Lately I've given more and more thought to cohesion. It's one thing to take good pictures. It's another thing entirely to take pictures with a strategy, cohesion and clarity of concept. I believe that the next level of photographic maturity that I need to reach is one that's all about WHY I'm taking photos, not how good the images are. Certainly, I'll be improving my technical skill the old fashioned way -- by taking lots of pictures -- but that's not what I'm going to concentrate on to challenge myself in 2009.

117 months ago (permalink)

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JulesAmeel is a group moderator JulesAmeel says:

Im reaching for the stars, but it's definitely all possible;

1. get printed in a magazine!
2. start assisting a pro ( ive got jonathan chapman in my sights)
3. hopefully win get it on record
4. go to asia ^need to do three to do four^
5. finalize a portfolio and website
6. post some stuff on flickr
7. come home to duluth and go to a DPG meeting
117 months ago (permalink)

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manley.josh is a group administrator manley.josh says:

1. Finish my current wedding stuff.
2. Start my personal website
3. Start my own company
4. fund my company...anyone have about $11,000 i can borrow
5. Get something published...i would be cool with a sonnet at this point
6. take a trip to NY to follow a photographer friend around.
117 months ago (permalink)

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N. Lindstrom Photo is a group administrator N. Lindstrom Photo says:

1) 2 books- One photo themed, one written. Might finish one of these, neither are started.

3) Successfully photograph Bigfoot.

3) A bunch of other crap.
117 months ago (permalink)

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Randall Cottrell is a group moderator Randall Cottrell says:

since it is now the start of the new year, i thought i'd bring this topic up again.

i'm revamping my goals as i actually took the time to think of some new new years resolutions this year

1. 15 grad clients
2. complete a 365, finally
3. take and upload 10 pics a week
4. get my website up and running
5. second shoot some weddings
6. have a show, make some $ from it
115 months ago (permalink)

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Captain Campion says:

since i am a novice i am going to try to have some simple goals this year ....

i would like to:

(1) take less blurry photos (at least ones that i am not TRYING to be blurry)

(2) learn how to take more "candid" photos w/o them all looking like my crazy elderly aunt got a hold of my camera

and finally (3) figure out some basic lighting techniques (and since so many folks have posted some good advice on this end i figure i should be able to get this one figured out sooner than later) ....
115 months ago (permalink)

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duluthiscool is a group administrator duluthiscool says:

1. Start working on my second million, having given up on the first
2. Convince Shawn to drop the stupid border on his images
3. Co-op with Nate on one of two books.
4. Sell the hell out of above mentioned book to mindless tourists
5. Thereby completing goal number one listed above
6. Post more crap to Flickr, if only to annoy you
7. Other
Originally posted 115 months ago. (permalink)
duluthiscool (a group admin) edited this topic 115 months ago.

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alisonamcintyre says:

1. get organized/scan in old negatives
2. learn how to use photoshop properly
3. set more ambitious goals
115 months ago (permalink)

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Anna Merritt says:

New Year, New Start...
1. redo the web site and change things a bit
2. sell more of my first book so I can work on the next one
3. sell more nature photography so I can fund my real dream of taking pictures of turminal people and their families for free
4. get my second camera so my husband can get the shots he deserves (hi is really good)
5. be better at the people pictures I do take
6. attend and be more active, or as active as I am in the Norther Lights Camera Club
7. get more of my poetry, writing, and photography published!
and the most important of all...be more free of the crap in life and live in health, love, peace, joy and laughter...blessings, Anna
115 months ago (permalink)

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swens499 says:

since I just do this for fun at this point in time here are my goals...
1. take my sunrise on the farm pictures for every season
2. Take as many beautiful pictures as possible and share them with as many people as possible.
3. save up money to get a better camera
115 months ago (permalink)

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