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K. Praslowicz 3:43pm, 15 November 2008
No. We're not going to fly a tilt-a-whirl into space with River Phoenix, but I was just futzing around with the Flickr Scout this morning, sticking in bunch of our active user names into it to see what we've gotten into explore. Thought I'd just make a list of everyone's highest ranked image and post them here as I dug around. Basically, in order of latest pool additions. Enjoy.

Me: 3 Explores.
Two Wet Dogs by K. Praslowicz

J-Daddy: 1 Explore
(Scruffy) Guy With Cameras by Hambone Lewinski

lcarlson: 2 Explores
goldenlighthouse copy by lcarlson

Karl: 18 Explores
SnowFlake by Karl W.

Allison: 12 Explores
Untitled by aReasontoHope

Rich: 7 Explores
Forty Years of Friendship by duluthiscool

Granitoid: 6 Explores
View from the top by kenji.ogura

jake.saari: 2.explores
Fly by ectro

HBR: 5 Explores
Egyptian Garlic 1, 2006 by HBRstudios

Nate: 11 Explores
From an album cover, by N. Lindstrom Photo

the randeezee: 20 Explores
view of the lake by Randall Cottrell

maxcaven: 11 Explores

Shawn "the explore bomb with 27 explores" T.
Nature's Color Display by Shawn Thompson - Lake Superior Photographer

Sharksurfer: 10 Explores

Buswell09: 1 Explore
X-7 by Cindi Carlson

A Mother's "the other explore bomb with 27" Soul

manley.josh: 2 Explores
Brighton Beach Duluth, MN by manley.josh

Moe: 20 Explores
Fall Fall by MOEVIEW is Aaron Molina

Drew: 12 Explores
Laura and Wally by Drew C
lcarlson Posted 10 years ago. Edited by lcarlson (moderator) 10 years ago
That's really interesting stuff! Where do you see all these stats?

edit- nevermind. got the link.
Hambone Lewinski 10 years ago
Just a side note, I prefer to be called "Papa J".

manley.josh 10 years ago
we rule!
JustinSinks 10 years ago
10? Hmm I never knew. They should tell people when they are in it
Drew C 10 years ago
i dont appreciate being last!...
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