mb_wen 12:07pm, 10 November 2008
Anyone know if they're going to/ already have lit Split Rock for this year? The wreck happened on today Nov 10... and I can't seem to find much information if it's happened. You'd think the DNT would promote something like that... but then again who knows.

If it IS going on today, would anyone want to run up there around dusk (4:30-5ish) to take some shots??? This would be perfect for a Flickr outing!
Taken from

"the Lighthouse is closed except for the annual Lighting on Nov 10th and 11th which is the best time for night photography of the gleaming Fresnel gem casting a brilliant beam of light over the lake. Autumn colors provide a excellent vista behind the golden-colored bricks of the Lighthouse Tower."

It will be happening tonight and tomorrow night. I can't go, but if you do, I would suggest going early to get a good comp. I am sure Lighthouse nuts from all over come up for this.
duluthiscool 10 years ago
Can't go 2nite. Heading to shitties for some music. However... would go 2morrow...
Randall Cottrell 10 years ago
i work tonight, but if i don't tomorrow, i'd be game as well
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