Randall Cottrell 8:37pm, 5 November 2008
the sigma 15-30 is a great lens and i've never had any issues with it. i bought it a yr ago and it has it's own stylish carrying case. only problem is that the lens is rather large, but some people may prefer that.

it's a sharp lens, and after some tests hbr did w/ it, it proved to be very sharp stopped down to f/16.

basically every shot i've posted on my flickr page for the past few months and beyond has been taken with this lens.

i'm selling it cuz i recently purchased the tamron 17-50. i just needed a bit faster glass.

the sigma goes for $370 new on but i'm only asking $225/b.o.

like i said, it's in excellent condition and i'll be posting pics tonight once i get some more time

if you're interested, make a reasonable offer. i'll probably be putting it up on ebay early next week.


FOR SALE: Sigma 15-30

FOR SALE: Sigma 15-30

FOR SALE: Sigma 15-30
Don't forget CraigsList
maxcaven 10 years ago
tempting... But bah, I'm about to order the tokina 11-16.
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