mb_wen 11:41pm, 23 October 2008
Need help with possible answers in the form of adapter rings. Because of last weeks sharpness tests (thanks to everyone who came), and seeing such a beast I have become intrigued. So here is what I've recently dug out of my dads attic/storage closet (please keep in mind that I've just started doing the research on these to see EXACTLY what I've got).

1) Steinheil Munchen 135 f2.8 Auto-D-Tele Quinar (from a Nikkormat body)

2) Nikkor-S Nipon Kogaku 1:2 f5 (from a Nikkormat body)

3) Minolta MC Rokkor-PG 50 mm f1.4 (from a Minolta SR 505 body)

4) Minolta MC Tele Rokkor 135 F2.8 (from a Minolta SR 505 body)

5) Rokikon 2x Auto Tele Converter (from a Minolta SR 505 body)

Does anyone know what ring(s) I may be able to use to attach them to my 20d? Probably a snowballs chance in hell that one would do the trick, but hey, here's to wishful thinking. Thanks in advance.
You will have to look at the mounts and see if they are Bayonet style mounts or a screw mounts (threaded)
Then proceed from there
mb_wen 10 years ago
All Bayonets, the #1 and #2 are Non - AI mounts with the 'fork' (so says the interwebs)
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