Shana Jo/A Mother's Soul 6:36pm, 25 September 2008
From here on out I will be recording meeting minutes and posting them within a couple of days of the meeting for the sake of record keeping and to let everyone who didn't make the meeting know what was discussed and decided.

Below are minutes recorded by the awesome HBR as I was without my laptop or paper this past Wednesday.

Meeting called to order by Treasurer HBR at 7:05pm. Members present: Shana, Natalie, Shawn, Jason, Kip, Randall, Kenji, Brian, Suzanne, Cindy, Nate, Karl, (did I miss anyone?)

Shana agreed to write and post minutes of the business meetings and we thank her for taking this on.

Treasurers report -- last balance $213, new balance $208 after $5 monthly fee. Natalie volunteered to look into another bank account to avoid $5 monthly fee. Brian started the conversation of what to do with the $$ and how do we get more into the account. It was agreed that putting it toward exhibits and shows for the DPG seemed the best use (appetizers, etc.) Brian suggested "teaming" up with charities to have shows with a wider appeal toward potential buyers (portions of the proceeds to go charity and to DPG.) Natalie will look into Animal
Allies and Shana will ask Harbor House about interest in this.

Workshops topics discussion: Yes, we want more. Possible topics include darkroom, studio lighting, models, landscape, fall colors, web design, basics of photography. Brian mentioned that he will be doing a basic photography workshop through the Duluth/Superior Camera Club where anybody can attend (more info to come.) Shawn will post for interest in a landscape workshop, and Brian (teaming up with Moe) discussed a nature workshop for Sunday, October 5th -- Brian will post.

Natalie made a call for a possible "organizer" or group of organizers which, through discussion, ended up as a "Steering Committee" whose responsibilities would be to organize ideas from the group and keep the ball rolling. Natalie, Brian, and Shawn agreed to be a part of this committee. Exact responsibilities to be established as needed.

Natalie stressed the desire to recognize and greet members outside of the DPG group setting, and to try and keep on topic with the posts on the DPG flickr site.

Meeting adjourned at 7:45
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