Love Letter

K. Praslowicz 1:35am, 25 September 2008
Video: NIck cave - Love Letter

I'm sharing this music video, and not because it is one of my absolute favorite songs ever, but because I found the cinematography amazing.

First time I ever watched it years ago I was enthralled. From about 1:30-end is like a moving version of the type of stuff I was shooting in 2001 as I was cutting my teeth at photography. Now that I watch it again, I feel like the first buck thirty is a moving version of Jason's work. Crazy I say. Crazy.

Check it out, especially if you like William Eggleston's work.
Hambone Lewinski 10 years ago
Brilliant! I mean, not the style of tunes I usually go for, but the video is "Eggleston, brought to life".

Randall Cottrell 10 years ago
that was sweet stuff
Karl W. 10 years ago
that was really sweet stuff.
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