JulesAmeel 10:58pm, 22 September 2008
Im gona try to go for a D700 so im liquidating my entire stock and passing the savings on to you!!!!!!!!!!

18-70mm lens
3 batteries

1200$ for all of it.

ill be back up in duluth for the 3rd-5th october.

let me know
JulesAmeel 10 years ago
Hey Jules,
I am just throwing this out there, actual pictures of the item will help sell it. Especially since it is used. If you don't have another camera, get a friend to pop a couple with a point and shoot.
I am only trying to help, I would love to see you get a D700 or D3.
NorthernMinnesotaPhoto 10 years ago
interested, but would like to see 360 degree views of body, Exif data on the body, close ups of the glass and the grip. Also maybe the serial numbers off the batteries(recall in progress you know)
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