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N. Lindstrom Photo 4:13pm, 17 September 2008
Please, forgive me.

Im looking to fill several positions in my store, asap.

Im tired of having mothers call me about their 20 year old sons getting a job here.

Im tired of high school girls who choose their cell phones over their jobs.

Im tired of hiring people and not having them show up for their 1st day of work.

DPG is a good group of people, who Im sure know more good people. If anyone knows a student, a teenager anyone, looking for some hours tossing pizzas, please PM me.

I am looking for 2 day people, 4 night people, and possibly 2 supervisors. All I really want are dependable, hard workers.

Any leads would be groovy.
lcarlson 10 years ago
Where is this place located?
Hambone Lewinski 10 years ago

It might be good to give people an estimate of how much legal tender their friends can expect in exchange for their services.

fallfaceforward 10 years ago
pay rate?
hours each week?
store location?
N. Lindstrom Photo Posted 10 years ago. Edited by N. Lindstrom Photo (admin) 10 years ago

Full or part time

The downer is pay in minimum wage, but if there is a certain amount of experience I can negociate.

Supervisor postions will all be based on experience.
maxcaven 10 years ago
"Minimum wage is bullshit government intervention into the economy, which causes the prices of other goods and services to rise above their actual values. If minimum wage were done away with, employers would be able to pay their employees for what they were worth to the employer, be it less or more than they're paid now, and the cost of living comfortably in this country would drop through the floor.

Just my 2 cents. "

Sounds like a typical libertarian response...

Anyway, lol I think I would be interested in a morning shift, that way I could still work at the DECC. I've been there 3 years doing a job that only 2 other people do and I still only make minimum wage. I just suck it up and ask for more hours haha.
K. Praslowicz 10 years ago
Secretly, deep down inside, I wnat to see one of those late night commercials with a Scandinvian version of Sally Struthers is holding up a picture of blonde hair, blue eyed, white skinned Kaitlin, Kaightlyn, or K8lynn, going "Her father only makes $0.35/week serving frappachinos as Coffebucks."
Noreeyay 10 years ago
brgthomas Back one day and already causing trouble lol.

I may know a couple people looking, even for min. wage. No teenagers or slackers. I'll ask around, pretty sure I know at least one good person interested. Are the hours flexible or set? AM/PM or both?
N. Lindstrom Photo Posted 10 years ago. Edited by N. Lindstrom Photo (admin) 10 years ago
Day and night, I work around school, sports, etc. As long the availability is a min of 3 days a week.

Mostly night though.

Thanks fot the turn-around folks.
Noreeyay 10 years ago
Nifty, think I got someone for you. I'll get back to you soon.
JustinSinks 10 years ago
I too am interested. I sent you a PM. Let me know
Anna Merritt 10 years ago
Nate, I know two, howver they live in Hayward, WI. I agree, there are many really great kids out there that just need that little bit extra and they do care about who they are as young adults...I worked two min. wage jobs before and after graduation...that was long time ago...blessings and I will continue to check around.
N. Lindstrom Photo 10 years ago
I have applications available for email if you anyone wants to pm for one. Please have applicants put "DPG" in the "How did you hear of this job?" section.
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