Misplaced In The Midwest 3:14pm, 31 August 2008
Late next Sunday afternoon, I will no longer be a New Yorker, and "officially" a Minnesotan!

I'm in the process of loading up the P.O.D.S. (what a great idea... I wish I'd thought of it, it's less expensive than hiring a moving company but still a nice chunk of change), and will be heading your way next Saturday morning.

Day one will be Buffalo to Chicago, where I will spend the night at a hotel with Victor, and the cats, and visit with my "little brother" Joe and his partner Anthony.

Barring a severe hangover, day two I will be leaving Chicago early Sunday morning for the final push to the TC.

What does this mean for the DPG???

It means that you're going to be stuck with me rolling into Duluth on a more regular basis... Better hide the tequila!!!
N. Lindstrom Photo 10 years ago
Well thats just great.

I believe Kip was in charge of the welcoming committee, so he should be getting in touch with you for your Official DPG Canal Park / Lift Bridge tour. : 0
Hambone Lewinski 10 years ago
"early Sunday morning for the final push to the TC."

Don't get arrested for free-speeching when you get there!

@Jason: I already thought about that, which is why I'm not coming until NEXT week.

I had a vision of my brakes "failing" as I approached a large group of right-wingers at well above the speed limit...
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