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Misplaced In The Midwest 4:57am, 31 July 2008
Hey guys,

I tried to join a group here on flickr called "I Love Old Signs", but made the unfortunate mistake of asking a group admin the wrong question about the rules, and it began to degenerate into a flamewar, so I left and started a group called "True Vintage Signs"

Shawn, and Aaron were quick to join, and I was wondering, when I'm in Duluth in two weeks, would someone be willing to show me where some of the older signage in Duluth is? (Old neon, "ghost" signs from the past painted on buildings and the like. The more beat up and weathered, the better)

I noticed last summer on our trek from Duluth to Clarissa to visit Katy's grandmother that Minnesota is absolutely LOUSY with vintage neon and advertising signage, I figured as long as I'm going to be in Duluth for a couple of days, I'd like to document as much of the city's vintage signage as I can for the True Vintage Signs group.

By the way, you are ALL welcome to join, and since there is so much good stuff, I could use another moderator. (Not-so-subtle hint)
Hambone Lewinski 10 years ago
My first interest in photography was documenting building signs. It didn't take very long for me to develop other interests, so I only got a few... but they're around here. Look in the "old" areas of Duluth -- Starting from about 21st Ave west and continuing westward for about 40 blocks is a good area.

The only one I have on flickr is this --

Universal Flour
HBRstudios 10 years ago
Two Harobors has an old Coke painting such as Jason's example -- down on the way to the Edna G.
Thanks guys!

I gotta start writing this stuff down...
Barrett 10 years ago
I have two words: "Superior, Wisconsin."

Just cross one of the bridges to Soup Town if you want vintage signs, old buildings, and the like -- the place is teeming with them.

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