MOEVIEW is Aaron Molina 10:59pm, 28 July 2008
Long story short. Does anyone know of some sort of system / photo recovery program for a PC?

My friend lost several photo files from his C/ drive. When doing a system recovery there are no recovery points even though his computer is monitoring them. I installed Picasa and told it to scan his computer and it did not find them. I looked in all his folders I did a search for the name of one of the folders and nothing. Any idea on how to roll back a computer with no good Last Know Config points or System Recovery Points? Is there any software program that will do this?
A quick Yahoo search brought this up. The first option is free. Might be worth a try.
What a bummer for your friend.
pH foto 10 years ago
Good advice in that article-definitely stop using the drive, reinstall it as a secondary drive or in an external enclosure (slower). This recovery utility has good reviews:

I have an external usb2 enclosure you can borrow, just let me know. (for 3.5" drives, not laptop size)
JustinSinks 10 years ago
Eek, as said before, have them stop using the drive asap!
I use a free program called Restoration
Never had a problem with it. I find it very useful when you accidentally push delete all on your camera, erasing all the photos you've taken all day. Good luck!
Thanks guys. I will give these a try. He has a back up external drive he just hasn't moved his important files there yet. Thanks again.
duluthiscool 10 years ago
i have recovery software, and may be available to help.

1) stop using the computer
2) try the steps listed
3) if it doesn't work... let me know... we can try to coordinate schedules...

if it is a laptop, he could bring it to the gig tomorrow... we could beat on it while there...
kimr_55760 10 years ago
I've had two occasions when a hard drive failed and I've lost a month's worth of photos (not backed up on cd's yet).

I am also finding that my backup cd's from 5 years ago are failing.

I am all about redundancy these days:
{1} I have a large slave drive on my home computer with all my raw images.
{2} I have a large USB drive on my computer at work that mirrors my home drive. I run Foldershare at night to sync new images to both hard drives.
{3} I back up to dvd regularly. I plan to redo all my dvd backups soon, so the media will be all fairly new.
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