Noreeyay 5:25pm, 27 July 2008
Hi all! My name is Nora. Just thought I'd pop in and do an intro before I jump into discussions.

I moved to Duluth from Ohio in 2006 and I love it here. I'm only here till 2010 so I'm trying to get the full Duluth experience before we're off. My husband is in the Coast Guard, which is what brought us here. We have 2 kids and live on the north shore.

I am 27, a full time student finishing my degree in radiology. I am also the ombudsman for the CGC ALDER (my hubby is stationed on it as well). You've probably seen it out icebreaking.

Photography is one of my 3 great passions in life. I hope to capture as much of this city as possible before I leave. I'm kind of at a disadvantage not being a local. I hear of so many wonderful places and have no clue where they are. So I'm hoping to get to know other photographers and explore here.

....that was probably more than anyone wanted to know about me!
duluthiscool Posted 10 years ago. Edited by duluthiscool (admin) 10 years ago
welcome nora... consider joining in the discussions and posts... and please consider coming to one of the monthly meetings... we try to gather on or near the last wednesday of the month for social etc... all are welcome, even husbands.
Noreeyay 10 years ago
Thank you! I would love to come, think I'll leave hubby with the kids though lol. I'll keep an eye out for the meetings, thanks!
HBRstudios 10 years ago
Welcome to this group! I look forward to seeing more of your work and meeting you in person.
Anna Merritt 10 years ago
Hi Nora, welcome!!! I just visited your have some very nice shots!
MF Charlie Chan 10 years ago
Welcome to the group Nora! Glad to have a new member. Feel free to ask any questions you might have about the northland. I love to guide people in the area.
Welcome! You will find this group is full of nice and helpful people.
manley.josh 10 years ago
welcome...we are a pretty diverse fun group. Feel free to join us on the 30th for the DPG meeting. photography, beer, and bowling...tons of fun.
N. Lindstrom Photo 10 years ago
Welcome to the group!!!
I personally just joined myself in the last couple of weeks. I guarantee you'll find the admins, moderators and posters in this group have a wealth of knowledge and are always will share it with you. Don't be afraid to ask! This is hands-down the best group I belong to a Flickr.

Katy and I are a military family too, I have just recently been reassigned to the midwest command group and we will be living in the Twin Cities, but in Duluth frequently so I can shoot.

Tell your husband the Army and Myself will buy him a drink when we are there in August,
lcarlson 10 years ago
Welcome to the north shore. I'm up in Grand Marais, so if you're in the area looking to shoot, I am way down.
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