Hambone Lewinski 1:52pm, 25 July 2008
That Flickr started out as a massively multiplayer game called "Game Neverending"? I remember signing up for (and not getting into) the GNE public beta in 2003... I was just recently wondering what had happened to GNE (I assumed it had turned into Second Life), and googled around to find out that I was, in fact, a GNE player!

Look in the URL bar at the top of your browser. See the .gne file extension? Legacy stuff from the game engine that Flickr evolved from.


EDIT: Not every page has the .gne file extension in it... but keep your eyes peeled and you'll see it pop up.
K. Praslowicz 10 years ago
I'll admit to always have been somewhat curious what the .gne was all about, but never enough to look it up.
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