HBRstudios 2:13am, 22 July 2008
Check this out, but be warned that it is very graphic in nature, but powerful enough for me to mention it here.

This journalist was removed from his embedded unit for posting this blog.

Here is an article telling more of this:
peteSwede PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by peteSwede (admin) 10 years ago
thank you for the links.

from that second article, it sounds as though he was unjustly pulled? that sucks.
Randall Cottrell 10 years ago
as disturbing as it was, that picture of the hand was unreal
Sweetlake 10 years ago
It upsets me that americans don't understand or experience any of the horrors of war. There has been such a concerted effort to make war appear clean and safe. Pictures like this will help prevent and end wars. Thanks for the links.

I just read an article in Slate ( ) about un-manned drones and how the controls are being made feel like an x-box game.
Bree R 10 years ago
What's wrong with that? XBOX controls are well thought-out. =D
Sweetlake... I am a soldier, and I must take a small amount of offense at that statement.

I can point out plenty of Americans who understand the horrors of war firsthand, me included, and I have the scar on my head to prove it.

Blame the media and the current administration for keeping the populace in the dark, not the people.
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