MOEVIEW is Aaron Molina 8:23pm, 21 July 2008
I used Picasa to view all my thumbs to decide what to edit but it shit the bed and now I need something that works, is fast, and has options and is FREE. What do you use?
MF Charlie Chan 10 years ago
I use iPhoto which sucks, so if anyone has Mac suggestions, I would appreciate those as well. Thanks.
I just tried to use my nikon picture project and that sucked donkey balls! Whats going on here? Can anyone make a good photo viewer thats fast?
mb_wen 10 years ago
How did picasa shit the bed? The libraries should still be hanging around, you can't just re-install it and pick them up again?
I did reinstall them I looked for updates I searched the help files. for the past week when scrolling through my thumbs it trys to load the thumbs and is jerky. Before it would always show all the thumbs and was fast but I have tried everything. the only thing I can think of was the latest Service Pack update from windows?
I did a total uninstall and reinstall and it seems to be working now but what a hassle. It's going to take all day for Picasa to go through my computer.
I just use Windows picture and fax viewer. But I rarely view images out of CS3.
Good to hear you got it figured out.
I just like a viewer where I can scroll through all the thumbs. then I decide and then edit in CS3
Ahh, I gotcha.
I wish the windows RAW viewer recognized Pentax RAW files. It would streamline my editing so much.
Anna Merritt 10 years ago
I use the windows picture and fax viewer and picasa...the only time I have problems with picasa is when I have too many pictures...and of course, some update not to long gets jerky from time to time...I don't think a perfect system is out there...
Drew C 10 years ago
adobe lightroom is pretty slick. with ties to a school it should only be $99
I have lightroom, but need to finish my "Lightroom Book" by Scott Kelby.
peteSwede PRO 10 years ago
lightroom also. love that crap.
$99 is too much to look at my photos. I already have a free great RAW editor so I flip the bird to Adobe and lightroom. It does look nice though.

PS I will take any free copies of lightroom!
-Snapshot- 10 years ago
If you shoot Nikon cameras Nikon View-NX is the way to go, unlike Picture Project or Lightroom you do not have to wait will your photo’s get sucked into their programs, it views the photo’s at the original file locations. You can either view just thumbs, thumbs and a medium size photo, or flip between large photos like a slide show. It does not have any editing features at least none that I use.

I use this viewer to view & delight photo’s only, I edit in Capture NX, Adobe Photoshop, and am just starting to use Lightroom.

It is free from Nikon’s website.
Randall Cottrell 10 years ago
adobe bridge, then just open it up in photoshop

nice and easy
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