MF Charlie Chan 1:58am, 20 July 2008
Laramie and I, aka Sidecar photography have an art show at Luce in August. I have a set on my photostream that includes most of my possible photos. There's more info included with the set. Thanks for any and all help.
Randall Cottrell 10 years ago
i really like this one
Miller Creek

and this
Brewhouse Beer
Hambone Lewinski 10 years ago
MF Charlie Chan 10 years ago
Thanks guys, I really appreciate the help!
lcarlson 10 years ago
Jimi- I might have some new ones for my end of the show...
MF Charlie Chan 10 years ago
Thanks for the tip on the horizon, I usually don't fuss with photoshop but I will probable for the show.
Shawn Thompson - Lake Superior Photographer Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Shawn Thompson - Lake Superior Photographer (admin) 10 years ago
Why don't you fuss with PS? It is no different than working in the darkroom.
It can be taken to the extreme but so can darkroom work.

Besides, unless you were intentionally tilting the horizon, it should be corrected. IMHO, tilted horizons in landscapes do not work.
maxcaven Posted 10 years ago. Edited by maxcaven (moderator) 10 years ago
I see no difference between bumping up the saturation in camera, or doing it in post. Theres one or two Duluth Photographers, (none of them DPG), that claim to never touch photoshop. I say boo, your cameras sensor and effects are basically doing the same thing if you set them up. I kinda hate there snobyness.

and shawns right, when I was taking photo in 10th grade I could burn an image longer or shorter to change how it looked, just the same as I can adjust the exposure in camera raw.
MF Charlie Chan Posted 10 years ago. Edited by MF Charlie Chan (member) 10 years ago
Don't get me wrong, I learned how to do all of that darkroom stuff and photoshop stuff. I've been doing it 10+ years. I'm not trying to be snobby either. I just think I'm capable of taking pictures that don't need cropping or changes. It helps me take better pics out in the field. This has worked for me and I enjoy taking pics like this. I didn't mean to sound negative about photoshop or people who use it. Find what works best for you and go for it.

I also see it like this. They're just photos. I don't care that much about them, they are nothing special and neither am I. They are just bookmarks for my memory. I do enjoy sharing them though. I guess what I'm trying to say is I don't take myself or my work seriously enough to nit pick them to death. I take them and I'm done.

It's different when I have to present them for a show or if it is work that I'm hired to do, like a wedding or band photography.

Once again, this is just what works for me. That's the great thing about photography, the same basic principle, a million different ways to go about it.
Randall Cottrell 10 years ago
well said

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