Imac USB trouble

NorthernMinnesotaPhoto 4:47am, 14 July 2008
We just got our new 24inch, 3.06 mhz, 1TB, 4 gb ram IMac. It has USB 2.0. My old eMac had USB 1.0/1.1 and everything went through a 4 port USB hub. Now nothing works unless directly connected to the back of the IMac. The Epson 2200 printer won't work through the hub or the HP OfficeJet printer/Fax/Scanner.
Anyone want to educate me on the reason or way to fix this? I'm thinking it's a USB 2.0 thingy
Karl W. 10 years ago
I had the same problem with my macbook pro. I'm not sure what causes it really, but i think it had something to do with the power that the usb hub takes? I ended up just switching usb devices when needed.

It might have something to do with mac wanting everything to be wireless. "like the macbook air" it seems like they're trying to phase out usb ports and stuff.
NorthernMinnesotaPhoto 10 years ago
Thanks Karl, the mac forums had something like that too.
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