fallfaceforward 6:14pm, 13 July 2008
An old friend of mine is getting married Sept. 27th and the photographer he lined up has canceled. He asked if i'd be interested, but seriously, i don't feel i'm qualified yet.

If any of you who DO feel you'd do a great job are interested please call him at 218-213-3582; his name is Andy Goenner.

I'll try to see if i can find out more details regarding wedding location/ hours needed/ price range.


Karl W. 10 years ago
I'd be interested in possibly shooting it now that I have a 70-200mm, but then again I've never done a wedding. So I'm probably not qualified enough.
NorthernMinnesotaPhoto 10 years ago
I just checked our schedule and we are open that day. Have your friend go to our website www.sweetwaterphotoonline.com and check us out. We travel throughout Northern Minnesota and have done 2 weddings there (in Duluth) this summer already. I'll call him tomorrow, Jim
fallfaceforward 10 years ago
sweetwater- did you contact him?
NorthernMinnesotaPhoto 10 years ago
I called him left a message, no reply... I'll call him now...called him, he said that he already got a photographer..
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