Akatzmarkphotography 8:53pm, 3 July 2008
I do believe is his name.. Can anyone tell me what his work is like, similar to, etc.. I had a future client contact me today and she wants something different from him, as he is her past main photog.

HBRstudios Posted 10 years ago. Edited by HBRstudios (admin) 10 years ago
Jeff Fifield -- I have known him for a number of years now. He is a very good photographer that has been in business for 20+ years and now concentrates only on portraits, with an emphasis on children.
troy danger 10 years ago
very nice guy he shot my prom pictures
tina_p0608 10 years ago
He did my grad pictures back in high school and was wonderful. He is very creative and open to trying new things.
maxcaven 10 years ago
I work with 3 of his kids at the decc.
Akatzmarkphotography 10 years ago
Wahh makes me not even wanna try!
HBRstudios 10 years ago
You do have a vastly different style and that is exactly what they are looking for -- you will do fine!

Plus, what are you going to tell them, "Sorry, but I can't do it"???? Jump in and do it and if they don't like them, there is nothing you can do besides give their $$ back and move on. All part of the business!
Anna Merritt 10 years ago
I just looked at his site...nice stuff! You will do just are very different from his can do it and they will LOVE the shots you take!!! I am sure of it!
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