Hambone Lewinski 1:00am, 22 June 2008
I have six lenses -- each worth not more than $20 -- that I will gladly give to someone for free. Probably no one here will want them because they are all manual lenses. They def. aren't awesome -- they're rummage sale box o' crap lenses that I can't use.

Just so you guys know, I am looking for telephoto lenses (bigger than 50mm) n the Pentax M42 screw mount and lenses wider than 35mm in the Pentax K-Mount. If you have, don't use them and don't value them, I'll take them. I'm not buying (or selling) anything here, so don't ask.

Here's what I have:

Soligor f/3.5 78-210mm OM Mount
Vivitar f/2.5 28mm OM Mount
Canon f/3.5 135mm FD Mount -- seems to be missing rear element
Yashica f/1.9 50mm Yashinon DS M42 Screw Mount
Vivitar f/1.9 50mm M42 Screw Mount
Vivitar f/3.5 35-70mm Nikon Mount

I'll add more if I find them.

Ill take the Nikon mount f3-5 35-70
JulesAmeel PRO 10 years ago
if you have a nikon mount tele prime len id be soooo into that like an 80mm or a 130mm
Hambone Lewinski 10 years ago
Moe -- I'll bring that Nikon 35-70 to the meeting on wed.

Jules, I know for sure that I've got nothing in Nikon primes. The only reason why I have any Nikon at all is because I came into possession of a defunct FG some months ago, and it happened to be wearing this 35-70.

Nikon and Canon gear are pretty rare at rummage sales, I think people tend to hoard that stuff.

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