aReasontoHope 3:52am, 19 June 2008
"Viewed through our photographs, it would seem we have lived a joyous, leisurely existence."

Sy Parrish (Robin Williams), who makes this observation, adversely leads a lonely life, operating a photo lab in a SavMart department store. He escapes his dreary reality through the family photos of Nancy Yorkin (Connie Nielsen) and her family. His admiration of the Yorkins becomes an obsession.

This review goes on to give way too much away... but I recommend any of you go rent it if you haven't already seen it. I'd like to hear your opinions on it if you have.

Every movie I see that has to do with photography in any shape way or form.... well it never seems right. I enjoyed this movie no doubt, but I can't help but let the little incorrect details bother me. Like how photos people receive are PERFECT. Lighting is almost heavenly like... that is so staged, you'd have to be stupid to think it was really a snapshot.

Annnnnyway... thought I'd get your guys' opinions on it since I just watched it and It's on my mind.
fallfaceforward 10 years ago
i saw this movie a few years ago when it came out and i thought it was awful. it was a very awkward to watch.
aReasontoHope 10 years ago
Really?! I really liked it.
I have a hard time relating to movies unless the main character is unstable... and maybe psychotic.

It's weird.
K. Praslowicz 10 years ago
I hated that the kids were watching Dead or Alive 2 run in demo mode, but where acting like they were playing it.

Other then that, it is too far removed in my head to remember much else,.
aReasontoHope 10 years ago
I noticed that Kip.
And congratulations on that being the only thing you remembered.
pH foto Posted 10 years ago. Edited by pH foto (moderator) 10 years ago
Is that the one where a creepy Robin Williams drives a Hyundai or Tercel or something like that? I thought it gave economy cars a bad image. :)
aReasontoHope 10 years ago
Hah. I have no idea. But he does stop his car in a driving lane behind the people he's stalking. I hate when people do shit like that in movies. Like you wouldn't notice someone parked behind you in a driving lane.
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