great story

Randall Cottrell 9:23pm, 16 June 2008
i came across this late last night and thought i'd share with all of you.

platon talking about an shooting session he had with vladimir putin.
*click on "2008 interviews" and then it's on the top row, third from the right, a picture of putin's face

~drew will especially love this with his platon kick at the moment
I watched that a few weeks back on Strobist. It is really interesting.
JulesAmeel PRO 10 years ago
i think my favorite is the one on skatopia, that kid is amazing ( Dove photography ) He's doing an internship at national thats pretty insane for 22
Drew C 10 years ago
thanks randeezee, i've been meaning to watch that for a while... now i gotta watch the skatopia one... hmpf, its late. kinda...

p.s. talk 'bout young. what 'bout joeyL?
Joey L has it made in the shade.

He picked up a camera, Shot for less than 2 years as a teenager signed with 3 agencies world wide.

How cool is that?
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