I am not a follower of Canon pricing, but this seemed like a screaming deal. is a legit site. I bought my Omnivibe IPOD sound dock from them and received it quickly. A few others I know have as well.
manley.josh 10 years ago
its now a 3 generation old camera, but not a bad deal. They have since come out with the XTi and the XSi, both have an upgrade in mp and features. that lens is has also been upgraded to a wider angle to help with the cropped sensors.
maxcaven 10 years ago
Might be a good second body for canon shooters maybe?
I am thinking It would be a solid first time DSLR, especially since you can't touch the XTi or the XSi for anything close to this price.
JustinSinks 10 years ago
For the price, its a great camera. If I had the extra cash Id pick up two, one as a back up, and one to use when Im afraid of breaking or dropping the camera.
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