Drew C 5:57am, 15 June 2008
I'm going to have a few models visiting, and besides the on location stuff i have planned, i'd like to have some studio-esque shots as well. all i'm thinkin i'd really need is a white or grey seamless background but of course my tiny li'l college house wouldn't facilitate that.

anybody with some ideas?
JulesAmeel PRO 10 years ago
i think that the duluth art institute in the depot has one you can rent out.
Drew C Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Drew C (moderator) 10 years ago
i briefly thought that also, but it's my understanding that their 'studios' are actually clay and sculpture studios. hmpf.

p.s. we should collaborate on some stuff sometime.
JulesAmeel PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by JulesAmeel (moderator) 10 years ago
damn their brochure is confusing!

i have ideas, lets do it
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