Missing Chord

MF Charlie Chan 7:16pm, 20 May 2008
My friend Mike Wilson lost the chord to his Camera pictured below. He's leaving on tour with some bands and needs to take pictures. Does anyone have an old one they don't need anymore or could sell to mike. Let me know.

Shawn Thompson - Lake Superior Photographer Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Shawn Thompson - Lake Superior Photographer (admin) 10 years ago
You mean the middle one?
It is a mini USB cord - Can be had at any electronics store.
I might have one at home. if so, I will let you know tonight.
duluthiscool 10 years ago
I have a mini USB cable that you can have. I do not have a video out cable that you can have. Nor do I have the DC adapter.

Mike can either:

1) Have it for no charge
b) Give me twenty bucks for it, since it likely would cost three or four at Best Buy
JustinSinks 10 years ago
yeah, all those cables are pretty cheap at best buy. The power cable can be replaced by a universal. Just make sure you get the polarity right the first time!
MF Charlie Chan 10 years ago
Sweet, I'll tell him to check out best buy and let him know about Rich's offer. Thanks guys.
Drew C 10 years ago
sorry to tell you, but it looks like the rare and fabled 'olympus-mini usb'...

they were the geniuses who decided to re-invent the wheel. after seeing what sony had been trying to do.

i may be wrong (and hope so) but in any case... you might have a little more trouble finding one, even at one of the stores.
Jimi, if he goes to best buy, his best bet is to just get a card reader. The bonus is he won't drain his batteries copying the images off the camera.
MF Charlie Chan 10 years ago
Ahh, you're right, didn't even think about that.
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