Barrett 6:38pm, 6 May 2008
Before I accidentally broke the damn thing, I used to always carry a nice point-and-shoot camera, especially when I didn't want to lug something bigger around. Here's an interesting article on how to turn your Canon p&s into a "super camera" by installing free, open-source software onto the memory card. The software will enhance your p&s, making it:

- Shoot in RAW
- Shoot videos up to 1 hour or 2GB
- Have a customized display with histograms, etc.
- Have much slower or faster shutter speeds (65 sec to 1/25,000 sec)
- Support for small scripts (like motion-sensor, time lapse, etc)

I think all of this is awesome. Too bad I don't have a Canon p&s to play with. But I thought I would pass it along in case anyone else was interested.
I read this and thought the same thing. If I had a Canon P&S I would try it for sure.
maxcaven 10 years ago
Wow I've always wanted a cheap point n shoot that had raw, I think I'm gunna go check ebay now haha.
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