dynamic robin [deleted] 1:28pm, 23 April 2008
So after a bit of confusion (moe- sorry about that), we all had a blast at the Thirsty Pagan. Theres lots of pics on my stream and Mrs. HBR's stream. Super fun and thank you to EVERYONE that came out and showed their support. I really appreciate it and so does CASDA!!!

Thanks guys!!

So sorry that I missed it! I am also sorry that I didn't remember that I had both your and Brian's numbers in my email, so I could have called to tell you that we were not coming. That did not dawn on me until about 11 PM last night. I swear that my brain does not work anymore!
Ya way to change the location buried in the thread. The 1st post still says Baha Billys and thats where I had my dinner.
dynamic robin [deleted] 10 years ago
:( sorry Moe- next time were doing personal emails... we'll def have to do it again AND technically HBR still owes you, Kyle (and Stella) a beer
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