fallfaceforward 3:24am, 17 April 2008
i've been asking for help to learn how to use front and rear curtain flash and Shark and i have been talking about getting together.

i just thought i'd see if anyone is up for a drink and some camera conversation at either Sir Ben's or Fitger's sometime Thursday evening say 6 or 7-ish.

UPDATE: myself and Shark will for sure be at Sir Ben's at 7pm tonight(Thursday). Please come and join us!!!!!
mb_wen 10 years ago
Hmmm... that might be kind of fun considering I can't make the Strobist meeting either.
Akatzmarkphotography 10 years ago
DAng i dont think i can, only because by the time you decicide one way or another i will be long gone to Duluth without computer access
fallfaceforward 10 years ago
katz- do you have a cell that one of us could call you at if we do decide to go?

if anyone plays the fiddle, banjo, guitar, etc. it's Celtic night at Sir Ben's
JustinSinks 10 years ago
Well, I am free for anytime. Just let me know when. Fallfaceforward, what type of flash are you using?
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