Sensor Cleaning

N. Lindstrom Photo 7:06pm, 13 April 2008
Who does it themselves?

What product do you use?

Where do you get it?

All of a sudden mine is fairly disgusting at higher f/'s
Randall Cottrell 10 years ago
there's a lot of info in this thread
peteSwede PRO 10 years ago
i bought one of those little brushes and have a puffer thing. I don't use anything very frequently and if anything hold the body upside down and blow some air in there (with the puffer thing.)

I took it to FirstPhoto one day and asked and they sorta showed me how to use the brush and did it for me, then i bought the brush.

how far are you in your jedi training?
N. Lindstrom Photo Posted 10 years ago. Edited by N. Lindstrom Photo (admin) 10 years ago
Mah ha, very good.

And everyone knows that a blue blade indicates a Jedi Gaurdian. Haha : /
HBRstudios 10 years ago
Sensor swabs -- pricey, but it sure beats taking it in somewhere to get done.
northshorehiker 10 years ago
First Photo did mine for nothing, while I waited. Just took a couple minutes. I find myself switching lenses and shooting at small apertures pretty frequently, and it was just filthy. Came out clean as a whistle.
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