starfire 4:06pm, 20 March 2008
I am thinking about selling one of my lenses. It is a nearly new Canon EF 100mm f 2.8. Would anyone in the group be interested? I don't know what they go for used but that could be discussed.

Happy Spring!
manley.josh 10 years ago
this is an awesome lens! my coworker has it and its tons of fun. I would maybe be interested if someone wanted my EF-S 60mm f/2.8
Akatzmarkphotography 10 years ago
i would be interested, price depending;)
troy danger 10 years ago
me too
Used price for that lens won't be much less then the new price if it is in perfect condition.
starfire 10 years ago
I was thinking $425. That is about what they sell for on ebay and there would be no shipping
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