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edgeways 2:15am, 23 February 2008

At the meeting tonight we talked about our next show. For people who have not been to the meetings recently, who is interested in the show, and who wants an application to fill out (the deadline is March meeting)? If you have questions about this all let me know.
I would like an app. I have a pretty cool/unique idea in mind for this.
Karl W. 10 years ago
When you were saying that you'd rather have us not just have pictures framed on the wall, what other ideas were you referring to? Like sculptures and different types of art? Or just a more unique way of presenting it?
edgeways 10 years ago
Shawn, I'll email you one tonight.

Karl, I think being as we are a photography group it would have to based in that, but ideally something more then just prints framed and matted. So, yeah presentation matters here. Or, if there is a way to incorporate the photos into some other type of medium, that would work as well as long as photography is the primary source. This is pretty wide open, but I am looking to make people stretch a little. Now, if all you can come up with is frame and matted prints, that MAY be an ok option, as long as what you are putting forward is internally cohesive and distinctive enough.

I hesitate to give concrete examples as 1) I don't want to give away ideas other people might be working on, and, 2) I want to hear ideas from other people without my steering them in a particular direction too much.

I would say that the ONLY things to be wary of are:
1 - keeping things general-public safe,
2 - incorporating photography as a main element,
3 - feasibility of completion, and
4 - space considerations.

Those are your only limitations here.
Hambone Lewinski Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Hambone Lewinski (admin) 10 years ago

I, um, neglected to carry my application out of the meeting with me. Two issues come to mind:

1) I need a new application.

2) Now some complete stranger at the Red Mug may find my application and apply for the show! What a disaster.

edgeways 10 years ago
waaaa, whatever shall we do!

I'll just have to crush their spirit like a rotten pecan!

oh, er, yeah I'll send one along to youse as well, application, not rotten pecan.
JustinSinks Posted 10 years ago. Edited by JustinSinks (admin) 10 years ago
im confused

Wait, now im super confused. who made me a mod?
Man, my little mind cant take much more of this today! :)
Randall Cottrell 10 years ago
i guess i'm still confused about the show as well...oh well

and i made you and 'wa' mods...
JustinSinks 10 years ago
well thank you sir!
back to racking my head for an idea for the show
Buttonhead 10 years ago
Can you tell me more about this show business? I'm afraid I'm the new guy and I think I was flying in to Duluth around the time you had the meeting... Tell me please.
Buttonhead Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Buttonhead (member) 10 years ago
Never mind. I found it. Yep I did.
You found the information for our show that took place in December ;-)
Buttonhead 10 years ago
I thought it said it was for both shows... Is there new info for the June show?
The info for the June show is right above in this thread. If you have questions posts them here and Edge will answer them for you.
I think you forgot to send me an app.
HBRstudios 10 years ago
Send me one, too Edge. Thanx
I have a feeling you and I may have the same idea.
What if that is the case?
HBRstudios 10 years ago
Not a problem because I really do not have any ideas right now!
fallfaceforward Posted 10 years ago. Edited by fallfaceforward (member) 10 years ago
perhaps i could contribute some pottery pieces that could go along with the photos? my stuff is nothing fancy, but if you wanted to add another medium.

is there a theme at all to this show? i found details for the december show, but none for june's.
Edge, I'd like an app please. I may or may not submit it to you depending on whether my idea works or does not work.
Fallfaceforward - The theme is "Create Your Own Theme"
It has to be approved by edgeways first though since he is curating the event.
edgeways Posted 10 years ago. Edited by edgeways (admin) 10 years ago
It might be faster to send me an email with questions, that way it pops up on my screen whether I log into flickr or not. Sorry for the delay in sending out the applications, I had to get it scanned in. Brian/Shana your's should be in your email in box, Shawn and Jason, you have flickrmail

edgeways - gmail -dot- com
Got it. Thanks Edge.
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