Randall Cottrell 5:50pm, 29 January 2008
*i'm supporting shawn for now and listing pentax above

what do you think?

after reading this, i really want to get my hands on this lens. it covers the only focal ranges i use, and even though i wish was a bit faster, the vr helps to make up for that.

i'd be impractical for me to get one, seeing as i just go a 15-30 to take care of the wide angle, and have the other range[s] covered...but i still want one ;-)
manley.josh 11 years ago

ectro 11 years ago
That lens would be so fun it would almost always be on my camera.
waphoto 11 years ago
i would rather have a wide aperture than is/vr any day...but thats just me
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