aReasontoHope 3:46am, 24 January 2008
Shana, I must give you your camera back.
As most of you know I've been having horrible, HORRIBLE luck.
If anyone has a decent camera they can borrow me... even for a limited amount of time.... PLEASE I AM BEGGING YOU......

there's no "reason to hope" without one.
Karl W. Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Karl W. (moderator) 11 years ago
I have a vivicam 355 1.3mp with flash, fancy fancy! It's like a digital holga.
aReasontoHope 11 years ago
I'd love to try that sometime Karl, I'm just looking for something a bit more sturdy. But really, I'll take you up on that offer.
lcarlson 11 years ago
I have my ole Canon Powershot A510...

3.2 megapixel... Manual settings... Yeah yeah.
possible current [deleted] 11 years ago
I've got a nikon coolpix 4500, or were you looking for a dslr?
Sorry that mine isn't working. I wish I knew what was wrong with it. :-/

Maybe give it to Moe and he can run it over to my husband one of these days? I probably won't be downtown until next week.
aReasontoHope 11 years ago
Yes, I'm looking for a dslr.
Shana it's alright, I gave the camera to Moe today.
Thanks anyways.
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