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DeleteMe Group?

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Randall Cottrell is a group moderator Randall Cottrell says:

i came across this on flickr one day and decided to check it out

delete me uncensored

people simply add a photo to the pool and people vote on whether they want to delete it from the pool or add it to a group where it will stay. 10 delete votes removes the photo from the pool. while 10 save votes adds it to another group pool "the folio" or something of the sort

i thought the idea was outrageous but i joined and have added a few photos to the group [but not expecting much after reading through comments given on other photos]

oh my gosh that was harsh!

this was the first photo i posted
light helmet

followed by this
"what's up"

and most recently this
beautiful decay

am i discouraged? absolutely not. it's not up to me whether or not somebody likes my photos for w/e reason. however, some people kind of cross the line w/ their comments, but i will continue posting photos to this group simply in efforts to get a photo w/ 10 saves. is that also ridiculous? yes...but i just want to

just thought i'd see what the rest you guys had to say about this [thanks for stickin up for me jason ;-)
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