Karl W. 11:36pm, 20 January 2008
I remembered seeing these a few years ago on this site but I found out today that they were on sale. Does anyone think they could maybe develop these?
Randall Cottrell 11 years ago

Akatzmarkphotography 11 years ago
Sweet i had used one of those once about 10 years ago!
Hambone Lewinski 11 years ago
As far as developing them goes... I give it a rock-solid maybe :-).

I'm guessing that they have either C-41 or ECN-2 in them. If you feel so moved is to buy one, I'm willing to run the film as the last roll through a batch of C-41 chems!

Karl W. 11 years ago
Cool, I think I might pick up one today and maybe get it to you for the Feb. meeting.
N. Lindstrom Photo 10 years ago
Hmmmm, if these aren't tough to develope I may get some for my wedding. Then we could see the old *sniffer doing the electric slide in his cammo tank top and South Pole jeans in 3D...........
Karl W. 10 years ago
okay I can't bring myself to buy just a few things from there, the cheapest I could get my cart down to is $30. Must save for dslr!!!
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