DPG Rondori

K. Praslowicz 12:47am, 12 January 2008
Just a heads up for anyone who hasn't followed the "Critics!" thread.

I've created a group for us called "DPG Rondori" as a side pool to indicate that a member wants constructive criticism on any particular photo.

I know I've personally gotten myself hyped up over a piece of my own work, posted it, and a week later had no comments on it. I want to know why someone didn't think it interesting enough to leave a comment just as much as I want to know why someone else didn't like it. But since Flickr isn't specifically an art critique site, people don't leave the negatives out of not wanting to step on toes, hurt feelings, or crush an ego or whatever, so nothing ever gets said.

This group is intended to eliminate that for any image that a member wishes to submit. Posting something to it is meant to be a act of "Please, tell me what you think, be it positive or negative."

I've personally subscribed to the pool's RSS feed, and suggest everyone else who joins to do so as well. This way if no one utilizes the pool for a month, and then someone posts an image, it won't be forgotten about.

Finally, about the name, for those who are wondering. A Rondori is a training exercise that people who practice Aikido perform. One person stands in the middle of a ring of attackers, and each attacker comes at him in rapid succession using any attack method they want. The person in the middle has to be prepared for anything that is thrown at him and react accordingly. Thus, they learn their craft better, much like an onslaught of constructive criticism can do for an artist.
HBRstudios 11 years ago
Great name
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