K. Praslowicz 12:30am, 7 January 2008
Ok, think back about your life. Now, pick the one moment you remember very distinctly, but didn't get a photo of, and you really wish you had.

Here is mine.

May 29, 1994 - Milwaukee County Stadium, Milwaukee Wisconsin.

I was only 14 at the time, and photography wasn't in my life yet, but the story that showed itself to my eyes is one I've never forgotten, and with my current interest of street/people photography, I think it could have been some of the strongest images I'd ever shot if it was the modern me there instead.

My brother took my friend & I to the ball game that day since they were retiring Robin Yount's number, and Robin Yount was my brother's favorite player. He wanted to be there.

We got there early enough for batting practice, so my friend & I went and hung out in left field seats where the foul balls tend to land, and hoped to catch one. Among the other people trying to get a ball that was, was this young boy, probably about six years old, who I shall refer to as 'The Boy', and this guy who appeared to be early 30s, and can be best described as white trash. He will be referred to as 'The Trash'. Eventually one ball got hit foul, and landed probably thee or four rows behind us. On this particular ball, both The Boy & The Trash got their hands on the rolling ball at the same time, and they both wanted it badly.

The Trash starts trying to yanks the ball out of The Boy's hands, but The Boy holds on tight. Bystanders start yelling "Let the kid have the ball!" to him, but The Trash was set on making that ball his. It didn't take long for him to realize that The Boy wasn't going to give up easily. About now is when The Trash starts throwing kidney shots on The Boy. The Boy starts crying real hard, and The Trash keeps fling The Boy around and throwing shots trying to get the ball, but The Boy's grip held tight.

It was a matter of moments before security had pulled The Trash off and The Boy had won his ball. The two immediate moments afterwards that I really have burned into my mind is the security hauling The Trash off past me, his head down and mumbling "All I wanted was the ball., and another member of security, and The Boy's parent's checking under his shirt for wounds.

The whole thing probably lasted two minutes tops, but if I had camera ready, I probably could have put down an entire roll of film right then & there. Could have had some strong photos of the failure of the human spirit in my portfolio.

Oh yeah. I didn't say they had to be positive moments. ;)
Randall Cottrell 10 years ago
that story was wild. mine doesn't contain much entertainment...

one moment that i can think of that happened recently was just a few weeks ago i was driving towards the mall area and couldn't help but notice how strange all the trees looked.

the rest of things looked normal, but there was still a layer of ice on the trees and they were a vibrant white.

against the pure blue sky the white trees looked as if they were in infared. it was absolutely stunning. i could have easily taken pics w/out including any buildings by doing some slight adventuring behind stuff. those whould have been some awesome landscape shots.

but sure enough, on my way out the door i looked at my camera and decided to leave it on the table.
I saw and thought the same thing Randy. It was really weird. Initially I thought they sprayed the trees for the Holidays.
Then I noticed other areas around town looked the same.
JulesAmeel PRO 10 years ago
man i just always get pissed when the ambient light is amazing and i dont have my camera on hand
N. Lindstrom Photo 10 years ago
I was out on a lady's property whose dogs we watch when she is out of town. It was right after that first big snow of this year and we went out for a snowshoe around 11 or 12 at night. All of the pine trees out there are all very close together and were covered in snow. There was almost a full moon and it was very bright outside, with no city light pollution and a perfect black sky.

Imediately I thought of Narnia : )
Karl W. 10 years ago
Lol, I took a few pictures of the trees that day at like shopko
lcarlson 10 years ago
I had one of these today. I was driving down to Two Harbors with my girlfriend, and there was a bald eagle right on the side of the road enjoying some freshly killed deer. We turned around and made another pass, but the eagle swooped off before I could manage any shots.
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