Karl W. 5:29pm, 4 January 2008
I know that dslr cameras are just made to replicate film slr cameras but why hasn't any company developed a curved sensor, so that there is no distortion. Wouldn't it be nice to have a 180 degree photo with no distorted lines or shape. I'm surprised no company hasn't jumped on that idea.

I would have to say it is because there would be considerable distortion on non Fish-Eye lenses.
K. Praslowicz 10 years ago
I'm guessing it is a lot cheaper, and a lot less specialized to just make the lenses asperical.

You make a 180 degrees sensor, what happens when you put a lens on that only has a 100 degree field of view? Woudln't that lens now have to be designed as anti-asperical so that it aligns to the 180 degree view?

FWIW, this isn't a new idea. There are old panoramic film cameras with a curved film planes where the lens scans the scene slowly to project the image onto it properly. If you ever go to an antique store and see the massive panoramic group photo photos that look like the group is a mile long,a nd there is no distortion, this is often what was used. And if you look careful enough, and the crowd had someone clever in it, they'll appear several times as they move from place to place to keep ahead of the shutter.
manley.josh 10 years ago
karl, you can fix distortion in post processing in programs like PS. it allows you to correct/skew the image to look flat.
another good program is called PT lens.
free trial version. Works great.
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