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Shana Jo/A Mother's Soul 4:31pm, 22 December 2007
A whine: My camera was supposed to have been delivered yesterday. Except that it didn't come. UPS appears to have lost it. However, I have a lovely 50mm lens, as well as a 17-40mm that I have enjoyed holding and looking at. My new Bogen tripod is lovely too.

A warning: People on the Lake Walk are whack at 7 AM. This morning a woman stalked me for over half an hour wanting me to tell her everything that I know about photography (which isn't much), and then trying to get me to go to her for cosmetic surgery (she was a physician). She even made me program her phone number into my cell so that I could call her to set up an appointment, despite the fact that I expressed no interest in having cosmetic surgery.

I enjoy meeting new people and chatting, but DAMN!
Sweetlake 11 years ago
I'm glad it wasn't DHL.

Start photographing her - that can drive people nuts in my experience. If nothing else you can post her picture.
I should have asked to take her photo. That would have been fun. :-)

DHL is the only carrier that I haven't had problems with. The guy who delivers to our neighborhood is always super friendly too.
Hambone Lewinski 11 years ago
"Start photographing her - that can drive people nuts in my experience."

Isn't that strange? People can become very aggressive, defensive and paranoid when they are photographed.

Sweetlake 11 years ago
DHL can lose a package as easily as FedEx and UPS, it's kind of a miracle that more aren't lost. You should see the piles of boxes at each station that have the wrong address on them. It can take more than a few calls to get them to the right place.
I have faith that your camera will meet up with your lenses. Maybe it can be a Christmas miracle. I love that you're enjoying your new lenses and tripod.
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