Sweetlake 4:28pm, 22 December 2007
I got home last night and checked out the WHCC prints I had ordered - they are great for the most part.

Very bright yellows in a sunflower and parts of a sunset are very green. I remember someone mentioning that in a thread but I can't find it. I can't find a monitor (we have too many) that produces the effect when viewing the photos - I checked the embedded profiles are there.

Anyone else have this happen and found a work around? Ted
We talked about this at the November meeting I think. Aaron said that for sunset and sunrise photos to always have WHCC do the color correction on the prints, because otherwise they will print with a green hue. I think it costs $1 per print for color correction.
Also, you should do a soft print in photoshop and a Gamut warning test. it will tell you which colors are out of WHCC's printing profile gamut.

I can go over this at the next meeting.
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